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Robert Lawson

Popular Types of Traffic Barriers you need to know

Robert Lawson

Barriers are used everywhere – restaurants, retail stores, stadiums and more. Only a high quality barrier can enhance the safety and security of such locations and keep everything in place. Finding the ideal safety barrier is indeed a challenge because you have to explore the ideal product that not just fits your budget, but also fulfills your everyday requirements. Here are the most popular types of traffic safety barriers you need to know:

1. Temporary Barriers:

Temporary barriers are portable and are meant to keep workers safe in construction work areas. They are one amongst the most demanded barriers due to the fact that they are inexpensive compared to other barriers, they are free-standing, and offers a high level of containment. These barriers are ideal to be used for short term projects; however they do not provide the level of security as a concrete barrier.

2. Impact Deflection Barriers:

Impact deflection barriers are meant for road safety. They deflect vehicles and prevent them from entering the opposite lane. As the vehicles are made to travel on the original line of travel, safety is ensured for both the driver and the vehicle. Guard rails are a good example of this type.

3. Impact Resistant Barriers:

Impact resistant barriers are meant to limit or inhibit the force of a car or truck impact. They are typically used as shields to protect the structure from getting damaged due to vehicular impact. Bollards are the most common type of barrier in this category.

4. Impact Absorbent Barriers:

Impact absorbing barrier systems protect both pedestrians and buildings. These are important in car parking lots and warehouses. This type of barrier is largely useful owing to the fact that it provides great security to expensive assets. They are designed to withstand vehicle collisions.

5. Composite Barriers:

Composite barriers is the most ideal choice of barrier as they combine the benefits of impact absorption, impact deflection and impact resistance altogether. They can be used either as a temporary or a permanent barrier. Concrete barrier is the most popular barrier falling under this category.

Analyze what your requirements are and make the right choice of a safety barrier in your area.

The author has an extensive knowledge on safety barriers and he shares the different types of barriers used today through this article. He has an experience of more than 3 years working in a reputable company offering new and used barriers. Visit

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