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Finding the best services for garage doors in St Louis


Garages are not only places for keeping cars and vehicles. Many people use the garage as an additional room in their house. A part of the garage is sometimes turned into a recreational area for the family. Or the place might be used as extra storage space. Whatever be the purpose of using the garage, it is important that the space is duly protected. And for this, installing strong and durable garage doors is the best option. Garage doors come in different varieties and you can choose the one that meets your requirements perfectly.

Kinds of garage doors generally installed

If you are looking to install garage doors in St Louis, you can choose from the different varieties available. While some doors may swing up, some may swing out; while others will slide from one side to another or roll up, most St Louis homeowners will choose an upward acting sectional garage door. Basically, tracks will be set at the edges of the garage on which the rollers can move the sectional door up and down.

Materials used in garage doors

Different kinds of materials are used in making of St Louis garage doors – wood, aluminum and steel are the most common ones. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons.

- Wooden doors – These doors have old-world charm and can be made locally. They feature the natural beauty of wood. There is nothing that can truly compare, but you must understand what is entailed. These doors need high quality maintenance with frequent refinishing and repainting. Wooden garage doors are not always suitable for damp climates as the wood expands and contracts. If you understand this, and are willing to take proper care of your doors, then you will likely be very happy with this product.

- Full-View Aluminum doors – Heavy duty aluminum doors are an excellent choice for garages as they are elegant, contemporary and overall sturdy. These doors often have seemingly countless options when choosing the color of the aluminum frames and types of glass. Full-view aluminum doors are guaranteed to get your neighbors talking.

- Steel doors – The tensile strength and durable power of steel is a well known fact. Moreover, steel is an inexpensive alloy when compared to other metals used for making garage doors. Free from fear of rust and other damages, steel is a popular choice with people for high quality garage doors. Moreover, you would be ill-advised to overlook the copious amounts of design options with today’s steel garage doors.

Looking for best companies in St Louis for garage doors

There are many companies in St Louis that deal with garage doors. Renner Supply and Delden Manufacturing excels in making best garage doors in the area along with offering high quality services in installation, servicing and garage door repair St Louis. All the services are offered at highly affordable rates.

The author of the article has been associated with companies that manufacture garage doors and offer services of installation, repairing and servicing of the doors in St Louis and nearby areas. Visit for more details.

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