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Serviced Cloud

How to Start a New Business Using Cloud Services

Serviced Cloud

Have you been trying to figure out exactly how to set up your own business? The great news is, it’s much simpler and more simple compared with the “old” days. Additionally, it costs much less than it used to. 

We’ve provided six “digital” steps that modern business should take to help them successfully set up a business online.

1. Choose a Domain Name for Your Site

The first step that any new business must take is creating one that includes the name of your brand or your company name. It’s quite simple to set one up and quite affordable through online services such as GoDaddy or You can also check the availability of domain names. Depending on which country your business is operating in, you’ll want to choose that domain extension, for example, for the U.K. (unless you’re a UK business that is selling a product or service in the U.S.), or .com for the U.S. 

2. Begin Creating a Social Media Presence

If you really want to begin building online credibility for your company, it is vital that you open up social media accounts. No company can really afford not to optimize social media to promote their business so the sooner you open these accounts, the better it will be for your business! 

3. Create Your Company E-Mail Accounts

Company owners can use their webhosting firm’s services or they can create a business e-mail account. Many people prefer using Gmail, although it really has more to do with your personal preference and what kind of features you need and want. It is possible for you to get a business e-mail account from Gmail bearing your web site name so you will appear professional and legitimate while still having access to Gmail’s many excellent features for just a few bucks a month. 

4. Create Your Site

It really does depend what kind of products or services your company offers and this will often determine your site’s design.There are a variety of platforms to choose from so you can find the right one to suit your needs. The sooner you begin setting up your site and its pages the faster you can start focusing on other important business tasks. 

5. Set up Your Cloud Services

The cloud has come a long way over the past few years and now it’s easier and cheaper than ever to set your business up on the cloud. You won’t have to worry about taking extra papers and documents with you or anything like that. All you need is your laptop so you can take your business with you wherever you go. The only drawback with using the cloud is that it can be hacked, so make sure you have your privacy settings set up nice and secure and limit access to certain people. 

6. Start Running Your Company

The steps above are really just the beginning and there is literally so much more to do. You will still need to set up email marketing campaigns, online password storage, private chat networks, apps for taking notes and storing other important information, and the list really goes on! 

Starting your own business is much more easy than it was previously, and of course much more economical with having everything set up on the cloud. Try setting up some hosted desktop services to help you get started. Visit: to learn more about this service. 

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