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5 Things To Know Before Buying A Mattress In Orange County

If it takes more than 10 -20 minutes to fall asleep after you’ve hit the hay, it’s probably time to change the mattress. An uncomfortably made bed is more common a reason for stress than you’d imagine. If you are planning to buy a new one, here are five things to know before buying a mattress in Orange County:

• Search for them online:

It may seem a little odd to buy a mattress online because you can’t test it beforehand. But most online Orange County mattress stores offer free delivery and returns policy. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about returning a mattress that does not feel comfortable. Online stores are more accurate about their description. So, if it says medium firm on the mattress, it is medium firm indeed – you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong type. But remember to read reviews about the online Orange County mattress store before you buy. Look for friendly returns policy, delivery window, etc. There are plenty of online stores offering mattress sale in Los Angeles.

• Buy a mattress that’s suited for your need:

You can’t buy a mattress that suited for everyone.  Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks about mattress recommendations. What fits another person may not be comfortable for you. For example, firm is not really better, if you have back pain. You need a bed that supports the spine, yet maintains a natural curve while sleeping.

• Choosing between different types:

From memory foam to inner spring and adjustable air, there are more than a dozen types of mattresses you can choose from. Each of these has their uses and suited for a particular need. For example, memory foam is suitable for people with back and joint pain. Adjustable air mattresses can be adjusted to different firmnesses to suit each sleep partner.

• Speak to the doctor if you have a health condition that needs a particular type of mattress:

This is especially true if you have an orthopedic problem. Although doctors aren’t mattress experts, they can advise on what you should look for when buying a mattress.

• Look for warranties:

This is undoubtedly the most important consideration before you choose a mattress. Look for the conditions included in the warranty. Read online reviews about the seller’s commitment to honoring warranty promises, and their response time. How easy or difficult it is to get through to them?

Author Bio : The Author owns an online Orange County mattress store.  He also blogs – writing regularly about mattresses, and reviewing sleep products.
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