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Bravo Ryder

Web Design Trends

Bravo Ryder Seo Expert

With the arrival of Spring, it’s all new beginning and fresh start of the year. The biggest web design trends of 2017 included flat design, grid layouts, HTML5 APIs and background videos, to name a few.

Here are the web design trends:

Video and large beautiful background Image & video

2017 comes in with the expectation of seeing more massive and dynamic background images along with subtle parallax effects. Either it’s fully responsive HD quality of 3D cutting edge designs. Large background images are a big hit and will be there for some time now, as this is the best way to make your website stands out among the potential competitors.

Card - based design 

Card- designing is going big, as content needs to fit on varied sizes of the screen, and the best way to make that work across multiple platforms is by cards. Card designs are exactly what the web needs at this moment with greater versatility, clean, simple and organized.

Interactive storytelling

How older we get, we all love stories and this storytelling theme is highly fun to look at and a better platform for compelling stories. The more visual we get with the important stuff, the more easily we will reach to the target audience.

The Bigger, the bolder, the better!

Here’s how you can explore better typography. Previously web type kits, which were allowed for typefaces and beautiful fonts were expensive, which meant that the sites with bigger budgets could go for the heavy with the typography design, while the small guys were left out of the fun. But the time has come and type kits have become more affordable than before, offering the designers to explore more and creating stylish type- centric designs attainable for everyone with a WordPress theme.

Responsive website design

The latest change in Google algorithm has offered an unpleasant surprise, especially for the businesses who doesn't have responsive business websites. Google finally takes a clear stance on mobile SEO practices and has resulted into an unseen ranking killer, which was unnoticed until now and had been lurking under the layer since long. The news about the rank fluctuation started circulating on January 26, due to the high rate of mobile users. Out of every 5customers, 4 of them browse and search through mobile devices which comes down to 88%, out of which almost 60 % of the consumers use their device to make purchase decisions

Ghost buttons

Quite a prominent design feature, ghost buttons are stylish, minimal and delightful usage with a subtle hovering animation. They are here to stay as they go pretty well with large background images, which is a staple style of you wish to make your website easily prominent.

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