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Useful Tips to Making a Charming Living Space


You spend a lot of time in your living room. It is the place where you unwind after a long tiring day and share a laugh with your family. The living room is an integral part of any home and it should be styled appropriately to reflect your personal taste. Your home décor is partial unless you design a stunning living room. Here are some ways to make it the liveliest place in your home.

Use Monochromes:

Monochromes have become synonymous with modern home designs. You can use this theme in your living room. It looks simple, subtle, functional, and classy. Prefer the home wares like wall clocks, mirrors, metal art, and decorative cushions in monochromatic shades, preferably black and white, to add sophistication and elegance to your living room.

Go Pastel:

If you are wary of using bright colored accessories in your living room, go for a creamy pastel color scheme. These shades are lovely and light. You can buy cushions online in pretty pastels or choose stylish mirrors with minimalistic frames to adorn the room.

Bold and Preppy Prints:

If you love effervescence in your home décor, you can prefer bold prints for your living room décor. You can balance the looks by using plain fixtures and preppy prints. They make a perfect style statement for a contemporary home. These may include bold stripes, eccentric patterns, and checkered prints on the cushions, lampshades, and curtains. Add the element of modern style with a striking metal wall art piece or decorative mirrors to accentuate the beauty of your space.

Choose Vintage Styles:

Despite being old and rustic, the vintage style has managed to maintain the right pace with the contemporary interior designs. It is charming and exudes the warmth that you seek in your living room. You can use accent pieces handcrafted by the artisans along with wooden mirror frames and vintage clocks. Keep your color scheme warmer by using the shades of brown, orange, red, etc.

Minimalist Styles:

If minimalism is your style preference, then you can incorporate sleek and chic furnishing in your living room. Use neutral shades and mix them with wooden furnishings to create an understated look. However, there must be some highlighting features added in the form of a decorative wall art, wall mirrors, or metallic clocks to accentuate the style of your space.

These are some easy and fun ways to redefine the style of your living room. It is your personal sanctuary. So, create it in a style that suits you and gives you the solace you seek.

The author is an interior design enthusiast. She loves everything that’s creative, DIY, and trendy in home décor and styling. She loves to share her creative and innovative design concepts and ideas with her readers. For more details, visit

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