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Ariana Grande steps forward with an enormous, striking sound for the first single from her second studio collection. Climbing Australian pop rap star Iggy Azalea and American rapper Big Sean are both here to widen the claim of "Problem." It's a take no detainees approach that is liable to keep Ariana Grande riding the upper scopes of the standard pop diagrams.

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"Problem" is decked out with sounding saxophone that infers Jason Derulo's late raving success "Talk Dirty." However, it obviously takes a rearward sitting arrangement to Ariana Grande's stellar, capturing upper vocal register. She takes off and never seems like she is straining to achieve the following note. Big Sean's whispered backup gives a strong counterpoint to the primary vocal. Over and again, in the same way that Ariana Grande sounds like she is prepared to hit a vocal top, the bottom drops out for Big Sean's, "I got one less Problem without ya." Iggy Azalea turns in an equipped if sort of superflous emphasized rap. Be that as it may, Iggy Azalea's own rising star is liable to attract more thoughtfulness regarding this record.

In spite of the playful, musically forceful environment of "Problem," melodiously the tune displays to some degree more troublesome feelings. It is a melody about attesting quality and freedom among the fiery debris of a fizzled relationship. Nonetheless, its not clear there is finished trust that the relationship is without a doubt for all time over. There is, "one less Problem," however the potential for aching appears to still be there, and that is its Problem.

In the same way that on her presentation collection Yours Truly, Ariana Grande is proceeding to mine the resonances of 90s R&B in a redesigned manner on "Problem." It is not difficult to hear echoes of R&B girl groups like Destiny's Child and En Vogue. As dependably the vocal extent infers the work of Mariah Carey. Notwithstanding, there is an energetic contemporary feel to "Problem" too. This tune would sound incredible opened nearby the work of Little Mix.

It would have been simple for "Problem" to veer into sexually express region. In any case, likely in a nod to Ariana Grande's energetic Nickelodeon fan base, "Problem" is a clean pop hit that could be surely played for even the most youthful of pop fans. It is hard to attempt to straddle the universes of child inviting pop and a more grown-up gathering feel, however "Problem" is the sort of single that does that no sweat.

Ariana Grande demonstrates here that her #1 collection graph accomplishment with Yours Truly and the main 10 pop single crush "The Way" were no fluke. Here on "Problem" she seems like an enormous some piece of the young fate of popular music. The single is disagreeing displayed live in front of an audience. It will not shock anyone to any audience that Ariana Grande has a Broadway foundation and in addition her TV achievement. "Problem" is an extraordinary taster for Ariana Grande's approaching second full-length collection, and it is liable to be one of the melodies we hear on the radio all through the middle of the year of 2014.
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