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Jay Viradiya

Gadget Tech Welcomes you with Leap Motion – Gesture Based Motion Sensor

Jay Viradiya
Computers and Mac’s are the most innovative technologies invented on earth giving access to virtual life to enhance human lifestyle and culture where last year gifted the new interface christened as Leap Motion to control this Gadget Tech with waves of hands and fingers in air. Though it had several problems with the gesture control where vertical rotation of hands would abort the gesture identification- But the recent updates to its software platform is out in the market with Beta Signatures for developer’s testing purpose of this gesture based motion Sensor.

The updates turn itself into the largest platform since the launch of this gesture dependent hardware making it the most accurate identifier of gestures for controlling compatible devices. According to the Researchers the leap motion can be used to play games, surf internet, navigate through the interface, flipping photos, playing Music, Draw and paint with tips of finger playing virtual guitar and drums and have control of the computers through waving the fingers and hands in the coverage of 8-cubic feet of 3-dimensional space with 150° of view with Z axis for depth from the point where this 3” inch long device is placed.

The device having the hardware with such powers is dimensioned with the area occupying 12.7 x 80 mm of your desk space that needs a connection to the USB port of your laptop or computer for a take-off to technology paradise. It supports the gesture interface on systems with Windows 7 or windows 8 or Mac OS X 10.7 and later having the minimum power of AMD Phenom™ II or Core i3’s and later subordinated by minimum of 2 GB RAM. In fact it’s a 0.1 pound device that gives an experience of the one featured in Minority Report (Tom Cruise) and Iron Man (Tony Stark with J.A.R.V.I.S).
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