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Lawrence Bishop

Reasons to go for foam type monument signs

Lawrence Bishop

Foam based monument signs are becoming the new trend in the industry. Though the traditional signs made of stones and mortar are good, Customers are shifting their attitude towards products that have the highest advantage over others. Foam display has many benefits and it has a modern appeal with its lustrous look. Top five benefits of this type of monument signs are given here,


They are lightweight. A concrete sign could weigh over 2000 pounds while a foam sign would weigh about hundred pounds. This makes the process of transportation and installation easier. It is cheaper too as there is no need for heavy lifting machinery. An average size business sign could be installed with a crew of three people.

Easier to clean and maintain

Most people have had a rough experience while cleaning stained concrete signs. On the other hand, foam types are easier to clean.


Foam based signs are much more cost effective. It could be assembled effortlessly and does not need much time or skill for installation. Also, it is independent of weather conditions.


It is capable of adapting to different situations and expectations. It can replicate any look you require with a significantly reduced cost. It is easy to imitate any design with foam based signs. There is no need for any concrete flooring too. Hence, it could painlessly meet the requirements of the authorities of state or city. If you want to add personal touches to the sign, there are limitless possibilities.

High visibility

Visibility is very important for a sign. The entire success of the business depends on whether you are noticed by people. Foam signs are so good that they could also be used as a marker for motorist to find their way. It blends well with the environment where it is present.


They offer consistent strength. A reliable Sign company coats the monuments with high quality products that can survive extreme conditions. It has the ability to withstand 180 mph winds, any temperature conditions and even repeated hammer blows. They have the required integrity to fight against disintegration and separation of joints.

If you need a sophisticated marker which is highly durable and flexible, a Foam monument sign is the right choice for you.

The author is a marketing coordinator and has written various blogs on business signs and advertisements. She recommends the sign company Forerunner signs and graphics for related works. For more information, visit

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