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Lawrence Bishop

Things you might not know about vehicle graphics?

Lawrence Bishop

Vehicle graphics and wraps are one of the most affordable marketing methods for marketing your business, whether it is plumbing work, window cleaning or anything else. You could easily turn your vehicle into a mobile marketing tool with full wraps, partial wraps and painting graphics for vehicles. Since this option is relatively new in the field of marketing, there are many varying perspectives out there about the investment value and the other aspects of vehicle graphics. Some unknown facts about vehicle graphics are given below,

You have a say in the coverage

Most contractors would ask your opinion on the way the graphics are designed. If you want to integrate the design with the usual color of the vehicle, it is possible in the form of partial warps. This option makes an impressive appearance and costs less.

Graphics add an additional layer of protection to your vehicle

Graphics do not damage the paint job of your vehicle. Rather they form a thin membrane over your vehicle, which protects the paint as a second skin.

It is easy to remove vehicle graphics

Removing the wraps or graphics is easier than you believe. You can remove the work whenever you wish. All you have to do is to bring the vehicle to a workshop or the company who did the graphics for you.

It is safe to put graphics on your windows

You would have no problem viewing outside the window of your vehicle with the use of perforated window graphics. For safety reasons, it is better to avoid putting graphics on front windshields and the passenger window.

Vehicle graphics are worth the investment

The return on investment may depend on the type of the advertisement and the usage of vehicles. However, it is universally accepted that this type of advertisement saves you more money than any other traditional one such as radio, television, billboards, newspapers etc.

It can last long

Even if it is difficult to believe that vehicle graphics can last between five to seven years, it is true nevertheless. If you do not go through rough terrain routinely or use powder wash, it can last for quite some time.

This article is written by a marketing strategist who has been working in an ad agency for over 10 years. He writes articles and blogs based on vehicle graphics and app based marketing in his free time. He recommends Forerunner Signs and Graphics for works on graphics for vehicles. For more details, visit

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