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Ranjeet Singh

How To Never Give Up on becoming an entrepreneur – an infographic by Anna Vital

Ranjeet Singh CEO and Founder at
Stay Alive: - Say you are 30 now. You got about 60 years, say it takes 3 months to do a big project. That’s 60 X 12 months/3 = 240 Shots at success!

“As long as you are alive anything is still possible.”

Lower your expectations: - Michael Jordan missed over 300 important shots.

“99.99% of success took TIME.”

Stronger: You are stronger than you think.

Persist: Stuck in the weeds?

“Try lots of different things. – Paul Graham”

Fake it: Fake success before it is real.

Don’t compare: careful. This can kill you. Don’t compare yourself to people who already succeeded. They have their own story. You don’t really know that story.

The dip: Right before success you will face the worst.
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