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Expert Advice on Auto Air-Conditioning Repair Service


With increased car sales in Australia, there are more vehicles on the road than ever before. This means, the demand for repairs and maintenances of vehicles continue to grow at a constant pace. Before diving into the core concept of auto air-conditioning repair services, let us look into a few interesting facts on motor vehicle census as of 31st Jan 2016.

- There were 18.4 million registered motor vehicles in Australia.

- The national vehicle fleet grew by 2.1 per cent between 2015 and 2016.

- Diesel powered vehicles constitute 20.9 per cent of the national fleet.

- Average age of all vehicles registered in Australia was 10.1 years, unchanged from 2015.

- Tasmanian vehicles reported the oldest average age with 12.6 years, whilst the Northern Territory had the youngest fleet with an average age of 9.1 years.

Now, back on track!

Usually, car repairs in Marrickville can drain your wallet fast but considering the right auto repair service helps you to troubleshoot the issue at an affordable budget without any fuss. Educating and equipping yourself with proper knowledge helps you to ensure that you receive a quality service and get a better understanding of how to take proper care of air-conditioning system.

- Service your car’s air conditioning system once in every 12 to 18 months by expert mechanics, if your vehicle has an annual mileage of 19,000 kilometres to improve the performance of your car’s air conditioning system and make it last a very long time.

- Don’t wait for your vehicle’s air conditioner to get repair before taking into an auto repair shop.

- Fixing any issue on your vehicles air conditioning takes only 30 minutes to complete. If the problem is severe or any parts of it needed to replaced, the repairs may take more than 30 minutes.

- Automotive air-conditioning system can be repaired only by the professionals. So, before taking your vehicle to the auto shop check whether the shop holds the essential certifications and licenses.

- In addition to checking the physical structure of auto air conditioning system, check the quality of the refrigerant in your car’s air conditioning system. By this you can decide whether they need to replenish the refrigerant or if it is contaminated.

By following these effective steps, you can end up in a high quality car service in Marrickville that costs less than you think.

The author has 30 years of experience in automotive repair industry and recently moved to the federal sector as a business analyst. He writes about common car repairs in Marrickville and offers tips to prevent them. Visit for more.

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