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Six Factors that Determine the Cost of a New Garage Door Installation Project


When it is time to change the old garage door for something newer, nicer and more attractive, budget is often the first thing that comes to the mind of the property owner. The installation cost for Springfield garage doors depends upon multiple factors and the most significant ones are listed below.

The size of the garage door

The first and foremost factor that influences the cost is the size of the door. The relationship between the two factors is directly proportional. Any standard size door will be a more economical option than special sizes as they have to be ordered exclusively from the manufacturer.

The model of the garage door

There are different types of garage doors available in the market. The popular ones are single tilt-up, custom roll-up and so on. Each type of garage door comes at a different price range and the choice depends upon the preference of the property owner as well as the existing style of the property.

The material of the garage door

A steel garage door can cost lesser than a wooden one (because wood looks aesthetically appealing and has the finest quality). The thicker and better-insulated the doors, the higher will be the cost of the garage doors in Springfield.

The opener type

While changing the style of the garage door (for instance, if the more plain looking roll-up garage doors are replaced with a swing open-style door) sometimes, the owner is forced to change the opener too and this will obviously bring up the cost of the project.

Additional elements of the door

Customized garage doors with architectural elements cost more than a basic type of door that is influenced by the existing panel and trim options. Custom doors involve higher labor costs and the embellishments involved can further push the budget up.

The cost of installing the doors

A standard garage door installation project demands only a fraction of the total cost of the garage door. However, the complexity of the project, the labor costs, involving an electrician for motorization may tend to push up the cost of the installation significantly.

Property owners who are looking to replace their old garage doors are recommended to first approach a reliable service company that offers garage door repair Springfield services. With the help of experienced technicians the owners can obtain the repair service quote and compare it against the cost of installation of a new garage. This approach helps property owners to make the wisest choice.

The author is an Expert in the installation and maintenance of Garage Doors in the Springfield area. He loves guiding the people who look for assistance in maintaining and repairing the garage doors. He strongly recommends for any garage door requirements in Springfield. Visit

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