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How to Make Your Venetian Blinds Safer For the Kids?


Venetian blinds are undoubtedly attractive and versatile. In fact, they are the most preferred blinds online. Most of the homeowners are allured by the sophistication and ease of use integrated into the designing of these blinds. However, if you have young children at home, you must be extra cautious while selecting such window treatments. When you buy blinds online, prefer the products installed with child safety features. There are some other ways as well to safeguard your children from potent risks of strangulation posed by the cords hanging from the blinds.

- Use Cordless Venetian Blinds:

It is highly recommendable to buy cordless Venetian blinds online if you have small kids in your home. In this regard, also remember that you should replace your old blinds with contemporary coverings manufactured as per child safety guidelines specified by the government.

- Use Child Safety Devices:

You can also prefer installing a child safety device with your Venetian blinds. Another option is written instructions or child safety tags applied to their cords. When you buy blinds online, ask the company to provide these features with customized window coverings.

- Keep The Cords Out Of Their Reach:

Mostly, children get hurt by the loose cords of the Venetian blinds. Hence, it is utmost significant to secure these cords or chains with hooks or tassels. Use cleats for long pull cords and for inner lift cords, use proper cord stops. Your motto should be to keep these cords away from the sight and reach of your kids. Buy appropriate devices with blinds online to secure them on the wall.

- Ensure Proper Installation of Venetian Blinds:

After you buy Venetian blinds online, always ensure that you carefully follow installation procedure recommended by the manufacturer. Blinds should be tightly fastened to the window frame. Once it is installed, check that its head rail is secured properly within the brackets. Remember that blinds improperly installed can become a menace and fall on the young kids playing beneath the windows.

Keep all the furniture away from the windows so that children do not use them as step stools to reach these cords. You must follow these steps cautiously and accordingly, buy the suitable blinds for your home décor.

The writer is associated with Blinds 365 and has been blogging about home décor, window coverings, blinds and interior design since last 5 years. Being a fervent reader and an enthusiastic homemaker, she loves to share, learn, and adopt new ideas with her readers on where and how to buy blinds online. Visit more watch,

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