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Energy One Solar

Top 6 misconceptions about solar energy

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Solar energy is a natural source of power to generate electricity. It is not only sustainable, but also renewable and we would never run out of it. Because of the advancement in technology and the increasing need for more electric power every year , there is continual expansion in Houston on solar power. However, there are some commonly held misconceptions on solar energy that makes people wonder if it is right for them. Top 6 of those are discussed here,

Solar panels work only in warm conditions

This is the most popular myth on solar panels that has to be debunked. Solar panels can really work on colder climates with dark and short days. Do you know that Germany was the largest producer of solar power for many years?

Fundamentally, solar works anywhere as long as there is daylight.

Solar panels need to be changed often

Not necessarily. If you buy solar panels from a reputable company, then it can last about 30 years and more.

Solar is not affordable

Nowadays, the cost of solar energy generation compares very favorably with the energy produced by fossil fuels, thanks to federal and state subsidies. 60% of the solar panels installed in the U.S were done in last three years.

Production of solar panels needs more energy than it could ever produce in its life time

Recent studies show that the energy payback for the manufacturing process is atmost 4 years. As mentioned above, it is important to note that PV systems can provide as much as 30 years of clean energy. So the argument is in the favor of solar power.

Solar panels are fragile and hard to maintain

Solar panels are very durable and designed to withstand harsh weather condition. When it comes to maintenance, professionals are available to do the job for you. But if you never clean the panels and expect them to be washed by rain water, your solar panels would be in the risk of losing its efficiency.

Solar panels can easily be installed as a DIY project

This is a dangerous misunderstanding. Installation of solar panels requires knowledge, special skill set and patience. Electrical works, wiring, and metering are incredibly hard and you could end up injuring yourself in the process at a slightest mistake.

Contribute to the environment by going solar and save money.

The Author works has a working experience of about 5 years in a non-profit organization that promotes solar energy. She did many researches on solar energy and has published many of her works online. She recommends Energy One solar for getting solar energy at Houston. Go to this link for more details.

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