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Wireless Technology-NETW561 Midterm Exam Help (Keller)


Wireless Technology-NETW561 Midterm Exam Help (Keller)

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1. (TCO A) Describe the evolution (1G through 4G) of wireless technology and discuss how this evolution has changed the landscape of the telecommunication market. (Points : 25)

2. (TCO B) The lecture lists five goals of the FCC. Apply those goals to wireless. Describe how each one might apply to today's wireless market. (Points : 25)

3. (TCO C) Compare and contrast GSM and CDMA from a technology perspective for both network operation as well as the cell phone standpoint. (Points : 25)

 4. (TCO D) Describe the applications and situations you would use SMS, GPRS, 1xRTT, and WAP. (Points : 25)



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