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Sophia Wright

Things to check before installing a wooden diving board

Sophia Wright
There are many factors that need to be considered while installing a wooden diving board over a swimming pool. In order to address the safety issues it is necessary to focus on the length of the wooden diving board, its height above the water and also the material from which the board is made of. American National Standards institute had come up with a set of standards for safe installation of wooden diving boards.

This article summarizes on how to make your swimming pool safer by including security features.

Mainly there are two types of diving boards. The first one is a wooden plank that is placed over the pool. The second type of board is a spring-based board which is a plank set upon a large spring that gives an additional bounce to the user.

Height of the board over Water
How high the diving is installed over water is another crucial element that needs to be examined. It is said that a 10 foot diving board, the possible height it can cover is 26 inches and a 12 foot board can cover up to 30 inches of surface.

Pool Material

Apart from the diving board, we should also concentrate on type of material used to build the pool. Usually, Gunite is used which contains cement and is used to make in-ground pools. Adding to this, Vinyl, an elastic material, is used both for in-ground and above-ground pools. These materials affect the depth of the pool which is essential while installing a diving board

Diving Board Length

There are some specifications that need to be followed while installing a diving board. Diving boards should be installed based on the water depth. Depending on the water depth, the length of diving Board is finalized. All individual diving board manufacturers supply recommendations for minimum pool water depths for their equipment.

Residential Dimensions
The length of Residential diving boards ranges from between 6 to 12 feet. The width is fairly standardized at 18 inches.
Commercial Dimensions
Commercial diving boards have a length that reaches close to 16 feet, with a relatively standardized length of 20 inches
There are no set regulations for material; the best diving boards to purchase are made out of wood and covered with a fiberglass coating to make them waterproof. A no-slip tread is applied to the top.
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