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The Convergence Equation

A brief History.

I conceived the Convergence Equation some 10 years ago in London while sitting in the same chair in which Economist / Strategist Karl Marx used while writing the Book “Das Capital“ in the British Reading room
In the British Museum I wanted to ascertain whether a simple Algebraic Equation could be derived from my love for Mathematics and Human science based endeavors. The value of conceptualizing an idea or concept was something that was truly astounding to me. I wondered how does one harness this from an Artistic or a creative concept right through to the commercial pragmatism of the materializing idea.
It’s full of potential. Quite often ideas and concepts are just a moment in time; the original spark or thought pattern ignites something in the Human spirit as we have seen over the centuries, especially in the 20th Century. The genius of our time has capitalized this under great difficulty whether it is an Artistic pursuit or inventive pursuit or scientific pursuit. Then the Patrons have commercialized the idea which then becomes part of Human achievement.
Integrating all of these thought patterns. The value of the idea, the commercial element of the idea, the tools required for the idea, and the marketability of the idea all in my opinion leads to infinite possibilities. Some might argue the simplification of the process may not be reflective of the true value of the idea and that the complex systems we are all governed by in our daily lives puts this Theorem in the Theoretical basket and does not represent the practical day to day to applications that hinder our creative process. This is in fact is very true!! But The Convergence Equation asks you to commence your creative pursuit in which ever field with an Equation to help you question, inspiring you to take the next step without necessarily interfering with the mechanics of Life’s challenges. Further to this, the Equation will even ask you to redirect or rethink the original idea or concept and look to see if it needs to be modified, expanded, seek the finer details OR not to pursue it at all at this juncture. There is no right or wrong answer in the Equation.
In its most basic form the equation is a simple mathematical tool to guide you to your destination whatever that maybe to each individual. As explained before our inventive, the Artistic and the scientific achievements of Humanity in the last century and the centuries before then have been the integration of many elements. The Equation simply validates this functionality and brings it to the forefront to help the creator value the idea or the concept at a very early stage or not value it; it’s entirely up to you.

What is the Equation?

(A + B)T
------------------------------ = I

A = Artistic Pursuit or concepts or Ideas created in its original form.
B = The Business pragmatism, the actual mechanics of formulating the idea, the value of the idea, the financial model, the commercial dynamics of the idea, the Risk and structure of the idea or concept and its value in the market place. Everything that is needed to concretize the idea into a practical form!
T = The Technology that surrounds us be it physical in terms of a manufacturing concept or purely online via the social media networks or the Internet if it’s a Music based venture or the build of an App via the software process that is required. Technology doesn’t merely mean schematics or software or hardware or any physical structured mechanical devise in this Formula it’s what you use to make it work for your idea.


G = the Global market, or the Global community, or the Global awareness.
Where you take your concepts and ideas to the world stage — and let me reinforce this with the philosophy of “if you want to “it’s entirely up to you. “ The idea of being home grown or domestic is still worth its true value.
The entire Equation equates to Infinite Possibilities one value leading you to another.
Application of the Equation

So taking the above into account we have a formula where the parenthesis of
(A +B) the addition of the Idea and the Business together giving us a sum
(A +B) T multiplying this by the Technology that surrounds you
Over the denominator G which is your lowest common denominator this being the Global in which you bring the idea to market.
Equating to infinite options, ideas, different strategies, alternative routes to your concepts, extension of your concepts, seeking more detail to the concepts and ideas,
Asking the questions
• Does the idea have value?
• Does the idea or concept marketable on the World stage?
• Does the Technology suitable for the idea?
• Is the Technology current?
• Is the idea or concept really needed?
• Is it unique?
• What kind of Business methodology has been put into place?
• Is it commercially sound?
• Does it have a strong Revenue Model?
Infinite possibility of questions and options!!
If the Equation can make the creator evaluate the genius, it has a purpose!! If the Equation makes the creator merely be encompassed in the idea alone purely for a sake or creation or Artistic freedom then it has purpose. Only the A is required!!
Again it’s entirely up to you.
The Equation can be extended into many diversifying formulas
What is driving force of your ideas or concepts? Is it capitalism = C, is it Spiritual = S is it Compassion to give to the world = C, is it money driven = M it can be anything that motivates the Human spirit!!! Whatever it is can be added to the formula when the idea comes to fruition but it’s not necessary!!
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