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Stephan Lucas

Food to Fix Insomnia

Stephan Lucas Health Consultant

Sleep and food both are pivotal for better health, and in absence of one can adversely affects one other or overall health for that matter. It is wise to make it maintain both in health state and in scheduled way. For many instance, doctor emphasis one having these two element as it can not only make favorable conditions for medication and treatment to be effective but it can also help you restore health back to the track. But then, question is, what if one have problem in falling asleep, would a diet help one in such instance? And the answer is yes!

It just needed some tuned up diet that can make favorable condition to fall quick asleep and also ditching some type food that are considered to be the metabolism triggers, which can be capable and responsible to cause delay in following  schedule. In case of you have preexisted complication to not be able to sleep then it is best to consult with your doctor and ask him to prescribe a well suitable diet that would benefit to the cause.

Almonds: It is not just much glorified vitamins that can cast benefits, but minerals like magnesium, which can also be helping element to make you fall asleep. Almond being the crunchiest source if magnesium, which is prescribed by the doctor for those who wished to improve sleeping quality.

Fish: Indeed fish meet is considered to be the better than conventional meat, and it is for a reason. Fish are naturally rich in tryptophan, which is a natural sedative, contained in shrimp, cod, tuna, and halibut having the highest levels. besides most of the seafood has omega3 fatty acids which is immensely great for brain health.

Chamomile: Herbs are rightly considered as medics from nature’s pharmacy, which is mostly prescribed to those who are diagnosed with insomnia and also for those who are looking to fall asleep quickly. It basically calmed down as effectively as tranquilizers and the herb reduced mild to moderate generalized anxiety disorder, much better than placebo. It is universally availed in form of ready-made chamomile teas in nearby supermarket.

Milk: One of the basic source of nutrition’s like eggs, the dairy products are rich in melatonin-boosting calcium and calcium deficiencies are most linked to poor sleep quality. So it is suggested to take at least a glass of warm milk 15min before hitting bed is all it takes. But make sure one do no t have lactose intolerance checked in as it can pose problem of allergies.

Pretzel: Apparently eating a high on Glycemic index food is also a good idea and after eating them you'll have a natural spike in your blood sugar and insulin levels, which eventually shortening the time it takes you to fall asleep. This can be helpful as it will be good to avoid mood swings and insulin resistance, but in case if you are looking to get rest, the blood sugar and insulin increase helps tryptophan enter your brain to bring on sleep.

White Rice: being one of the staple foods that can also has a high Glycemic index, and it is observe over course of studies that eating it will ample amount of rice for you to fall asleep. And for bonus tips try jasmine which rice which is considered to be best for the cause and take little time to e in command.

Hummus: this Middle Eastern hemispheres, which is not only filled with fibers, which is good for non-gassy stomach, but it also pungent source of tryptophan. There are varieties of options one can try to eat hummus like whole-grain crackers, which can help the tryptophan reach the brain, could be a good way to head into an afternoon nap.

Banana: this is also one of the most ideal and universally available fruits that can also be used for the causes. The perfectly snack-sized super fruits are greatly packed with potassium and magnesium, which promote muscle relaxation. It is lesser known fact that, magnesium deficiencies are related to restless leg syndrome and night time muscle cramps are ably can certainly interfere with your sleep and it is wise to it a goal to eat one banana a day to see if that helps your sleep problems.

Thought there are plenty of option you can try, and it is best to rely on doctor’s or dietician’s prescribed diet plan.

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