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An Innovation - Getting employment letter before you start your study

1st time in India, School of Practical Education & Research (SPERSH) has taken an out-of-the-box initiative by introducing ‘Education cum Employment’ program in the benefit of the students. It has led a revolution in the present mediocre education system by transforming and customizing all the general and professional courses into various work projects of the irrespective industries where students are involved in working and innovations from the beginning of their Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) education on computers. Each program offers 7 unbelievable career shining benefits to students e.g. immediate job offers on their admissions, live Industrial training under several industries, all relevant Technical and Analytical skills set, IT programming skills set, soft skills set and practical coaching for Actuarial exams.

This initiative gives students 1-2 years of hands-on work experience while receiving their UG & PG qualifications. The students will be working while learning on the same job profiles during their education that they are expected to execute with their employers in future. This gives them an edge over others and enhances their employability many folds. In the world of intense competition, the industries prefer to hire resources that are innovative, experienced and possess multidisciplinary working skills. This saves their training expenses and they get a highly productive industry ready resource from day one that can work under pressure and competent to handle multiple job responsibilities with confidence.
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