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Jay Viradiya

Nano Tech Era begins through nanomotors in Nanotechnology

Jay Viradiya
It’s the time to enter Nano-tech-Era! The Nanotechnology has finally cultured to a new season through the researchers of Texas University at Austin. It’s about the Nanoscopic-Motor invention with extravagant power of spin. The team of Cockrell School of Engineering led by Dr. Donglei (Emma) Fan from university of Texas has concluded the invention of a nano-motor that can spin at the speed similar to Jet Engine which is 18,000 RPM’s.

The aim of this motor is obviously not to propel a jet engine! – In fact it is targeted to treat the medical-related problems at cellular level. This motor is designed by utilizing Nano-wire, micro-electrode and specially patterned Nano-magnetic arrangements that allow this nano-motor to be the tiniest among the all-time inventions. The size is 1000 times smaller than a single particle of grinded sugar and why not? – It is designed to enter in the single cell of a human being to deliver drugs to the cell!

This nano-motor- with Nano-electro-mechanical System ensures the delivery of drugs to each cell at unimaginable speed, moreover they can work together for nearly 15 hours continuously which is naturally enough to kill the cancer cells and regain the normal conditions- if the cancer killing drugs are delivered through them though many other diseases can be cured.

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