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David Cousins

Never make the same Mistakes

David Cousins
Hello Everyone

This is my first posting on this site.I live in France my two sons were born here their mum and I were never married manly because, I was before divorced spent thousands on courts and solicitors which in the end granted me proper contact with my kids a boy and a girl.
Their Mum was Lebanese she was so bitter and twisted she applied so much stress on the kids that i could not put them through anymore so I backed off in the hope their Mum would come around.
I am still trying to have contact with my children but Mum as completely twisted them against me.
I have and will continue to try and contact them on social media as well as every year cards on their birthday.
I have not had any contact with my son and daughter in over ten years there is not a day that goes by that i do not think of them.I really feel a part of me has died inside.
I hope one day they will ask themselves where is my dad I am waiting for that day every day.

2nd Relationship
Not married have two beautiful boys aged 7 and 4 both born in France a fresh start so to speak.
Moved to the south of France with my now girlfriend lived here for 9 years had my two sons.
The relationship was always turbulent but after my second son was born the relationship took a turn for the worst.

She would physically attack me for any reason no pattern just randomly my now 4 year old was old enough to witness these attacks and would be very upset afterwards.I would try and explain that Mummy was up set ect tuck him and his brother into bed read them a great story with all the actions hold their hands until they were fast asleep really miss that part .

To cut an already long posting short she and her parents decided in unisense to spit with myself.They started a campaign of gathering evidence in the form of going through all my personal affairs property ,banks,cars ect all behind my back as well as being pleasant to my face.
The boys Mum moved into another property I owned in France on a short term basis which turned into three years I paid for everything during that time as well as pay maintenance for my sons.
I would see them every weekend and things were ok for a while.
Then she started to stop contact no reason just really horrible to me every time I would try and see my sons.I remember one particular occasion I came to collect the boys from the apartment i own and pay for only to be met with some guy coming to the door to tell me that the boys mum did not want to see me, and from now on i would have to deal with him.
Trust me when i say i had to dig exceptional deep inside myself to restrain myself from doing something stupid.
Then court in France to get a contact order which after several visits I was granted an order where I had contact on a regular basis.This again went well for about three months until I asked her to move out of the apartment which is on the 3rd floor in Cannes and into suitable accommodation for the boys ie a garden ect again I would pay for this she point blankly refused.
The courts again told her to move she refused and kept saying that the apartment was hers oh forgot to mention I did buy her an apartment in London before we moved to France now she wants this one as well.
The courts applied pressure and low and behold one weekend when i was suppose to collect my boys she and my sons were not there. I asked the locals around had the seen my boys and was told that there had been removal vans there during the week so i assumed she was moving and of course would never inform the boys father.I found out late that week that her Father had come to France and taken my sons to London and their Mum left for London a few days afterwards.
Naturally i was distraught at the prospect of having to go to London to again try and see my sons.I went to my French solicitor and he advised me to enact the Hague Agreement to have my sons returned to France,their friend school,and of course their father.
This process cost me another 6,000e and sure enough the boys were returned to France court again the same judge who granted the contact order my ex explained that she could not find work or speak the language as the reason she returned to the Uk.i explained to the judge that this was in total breach of her order she agreed and two weeks later she granted my ex leave to return to the UK figure that one out.
I now only see my boys on Skype when their mum allows which is very rarely and their mum has started proceeding in the uk courts under the childrens act Schedule 1 and TOLATA.
I have come to the conclusion that being a decent loving man is a waste of time you are just kicked in the balls every time.I have to fight again just to see my boys but now again in a different jurisdiction start the whole thing again.The French court order is not worth the paper it,s written on in the UK and we are meant to be in the EU what a joke.
During all of this I have been paying for two mortgages child maintenance bills for two properties cars and my income because of the economic down turn is massively reduced.

I fell behind with my payments and have lost one of my children's inheritance which was a beautiful house in France where my sons were born.I am struggling to hold on to the other property because before my ex left she went to the IMPOT revenue in France and told them that I was doing business in France and not paying my taxes.I now have an enormous bill to pay despite me paying taxes in the UK.I am sure you all understand when the taxman gets involved they scrutinize every little transaction and charge interest for monies they deem owed.
All in all a lost to my children inheritance of approx 800.000e what a lovely person my ex is she will have to explain all of her actions to our sons when they ask in the future.
I am now forced to leave France and return to the Uk.I have worked incredibly hard all my life and am a self made man no silver spoon in my mouth when i was born.I wanted to give my sons a great life in France which they love but it simply is not to be.
I now have to fight again in the UK courts for my sons as well as having all of my life been dragged through the court system again never mind the thousands it will cost me in solicitors
what a waste silly girl.
I am in court next month and hope to bring this to an end it truly has taken its toll on me and my boys and i just want closure and contact with my boys is that asking too much as their father it seems to be in the eyes of the money making legal systems.
Thank you all for reading my posting and I would love to hear your comments advice.
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Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh If you are right then absolutely you will win the case as Courts are meant for justice.
06/01/2014 06:54:08
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