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Jay Viradiya

Robotics Tech Levels up towards Transformers for Room Furnitures

Jay Viradiya
Time for a smart Robotics revolution! The movie transformers often arises a desire in people to have such robots that can transform and reconfigure themselves according to the commands given by its owner and the era has arrived where development of somewhat similar transformers has initiated in the form of Roombots. That’s what the developer calls these robotic machines. The team of researchers and engineers from Biorobotics laboratory of Ecole Polytechnic Federale De Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland are about to conclude the robotics to a level where numerous robotic blocks known as Roombots can stick to each other to form different structures!

Though the purpose of such technology is limited till the question of transformable furniture through which future is about to turn towards excellent artificial intelligence. Each Roombot is made up of two blocks that are wirelessly connected to each other to perform movements that are caused by dual motors that are powered by a battery with 1 hour working capacity.

These Roombots have specially designed claws that tend to hold the floor or wall which may be used to get fixed at a place or climb the wall. The motors with 3-degrees movement used in the Roombots help them to rotate and roll slowly on the gravity besides which the in-built clamp modules help them to fix with each other to acquire transformation into an object.
According to the developers of Biorobotics lab of EPFL these Roombots with the weight of 2.8 pounds can reconfigure themselves by sticking to each other into flexible furniture like table, moreover they can further transform into chair or tripod through the predefined commands though they are still working on the plans to initiate transform which may lead to voice gesture.

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