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Nick Ruiz

The True Cost Of Home Improvement: Survey

Nick Ruiz
Are you planning to redesign your home in a contemporary style? Or, plan on fixing repairs? In fact, maintenance can be costlier than constructing a house. Mostly, homeowners focus on remodeling and repairs. Do you know, the true cost of home improvement?

Before hiring a home improvement professional, it's important to decide how much can you afford to spend on repairs. Only 10 out of 50 home improvement professionals quote a reasonable price. That probably explains, why two-thirds of owners are afraid of overpaying for professional services.

According to HomeAdvisor's 2016 True Cost Survey,

• In the past 12 months, home improvement projects increased nearly 12% (from 23% to 35%).

• The number of owners intending to perform home maintenance has doubled.

• Comparing to the last year’s costs, homeowners spend more than $1,000 for repairs, and maintenance has increased by 13% (from 34% to 47%). And 47% increase (from 32% to 79%) in homeowners spending above $1,000 on home improvement projects.

• Property holders say that they expect to spend more on home improvement projects in 2016 than they spent in 2015.

• Also, both the number of owners using online tools to research costs and the number of property owners spending one to three months for researching home improvement projects has increased. Almost 4 in 10 property holders sending the research report about the costs associated with the home projects.

Some people are so handy when it comes to home improvement. Others call for help. Before attempting to handle a home project of yourself, make sure do you really have the skill. If you can do your house maintenance and repair work, be aware of your safe. According to a study published in 2011, 37,000 patients visit emergency rooms every year because of using nail guns. So, if in doubt, consider expert service help. 

The real cost of home improvement varies depending on the renovations, service providers and from city to region. If the only thing that’s on your mind is, ‘can I sell my house fast.' Contact 'we buy ugly houses’ real estate agent. 

Author Bio : The author is a family-owned real estate investment firm managing we buy ugly houses in Milwaukee for cash. He buys homes in as in condition. He offers a fair purchase price and settles the payment within 2 weeks or less.
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