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Energy One Solar

Top Four Reasons why you must go for solar

Energy One Solar Renewable Energy, Solar

As of February 2006, Photovoltaic technology accounted for less than 1% of worldwide electricity generation. The recent advancement of technology makes it possible for home owners in adopting solar in Houston for their energy needs. They could also benefit from new federal and state incentives. According to the EPA website, a home solar system takes 9606 pounds of carbon dioxide from the environment each year compensating the work of about 50 trees. Other than the ecological impact, there are plenty of personal benefits in solar power which is discussed below,


- 1,366 watts of direct solar radiation per square meter is received by earth.

- The sun strikes the earth with 173,000 Terawatts of solar energy continuously, which is more 10,000 times more than the world’s entire energy use.

- 30 days of sunshine striking the Earth have the energy equivalent of the total of all the planet’s fossil fuels, both used and unused.


- Regardless of whether you are a home owner or in business, electric costs can make up a large portion of your overall budget. One of the biggest reasons for going solar is eliminating or significantly reducing your electric bills. Solar panel systems can permanently eliminate almost your entire bill.

- The basic resource potential for solar PV in the United States is virtually unlimited compared to any foreseeable demand for energy. Congress has now enacted a bill for residential and commercial soar users, extending the solar investment tax credits. It also includes permanent 10% tax credit for commercial users.

- Blue chip companies are now helping to create thousands of solar jobs in the U.S.


- The solar capacity would hit 100 gigawatts by 2020. This shows a 3000% of increase in just a decade.

Energy solution for long term use

- Solar panels have a long life and can last for about 40 years.

Reduced Vulnerability

- It is less vulnerable for blackouts as roof-by-roof power generation makes it too difficult for one strike to have a crippling effect.


- Solar energy is highly flexible. You can use as many or as few panels as you want according to your solar need. The savings in the utility bills is directly proportional to the kilowatt capacity of the panels.

Therefore, use the infinite solar power that is free to use all day and every day.

The author has been working as a professor in the department of electrical engineering in a leading university for almost 10 years. He has high fascination for renewable energy resources and has written various articles on the subject. He recommends Energy One solar for getting solar energy in Houston. For more information, Visit

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