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Common Mistakes to Avoid while Buying a Solar Panel

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Many individuals, homes and businesses have realized the benefits of solar energy and have begun making the switch. But chances are that you’re prone to make mistakes through the transition. Make enough research and have a clear idea on the purchase you’re about to make. To make sure your solar panel purchase isn’t overwhelming, be wary of these common mistakes detailed below:

MISTAKE 1: Focusing Only on Price & not Quality

Despite sounding expensive, solar panels are a worthy investment in the long run. While it is understandable that you’d like to make your solar panel purchase as inexpensive as possible, quality of the panels is not to be forgotten. Purchasing low cost, low quality panels leads to expensive repairs and maintenance in the future. Hence focus both on price and quality while making your purchase.

MISTAKE 2: Going Unprepared

Choosing and purchasing your solar panels without analyzing how much solar power you require is a mistake. Going unprepared can end up in purchasing solar panels that are too small or too big for your home or business. This means that you are running out of enough power or that you have spent excess dollars in buying a larger one.

You must also consider the type of panel to be purchased. This could be choosing either mounted or portable panels, or choosing between monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells.

MISTAKE 3: Purchasing Panels with Basic Warranty

Inexpensive solar panels can offer only shorter warranty periods. At the time of purchase, ask the seller about what the warranty covers and how long it would remain valid. Reputable companies would offer higher warranty periods. If you identify that a company offers shorter warranty period, it is a clear sign that the panel is only going to underperform. This is why you ought to restrict yourself from buying panels with basic warranty.

MISTAKE 4: Buying Panels from an Unreliable Company Online

The internet age opens an opportunity for anyone to buy and sell things online. There are bogus companies online that claim to be trustworthy and experienced. Buying solar panels from such companies that doesn’t offer a reliable customer service makes it nearly impossible to claim the warranty and difficult to manage their low quality products.

MISTAKE 5: Undermining the Significance of High Quality Devices

Since it is essential for solar panels to stay robust in the midst of the harsh weather, it becomes mandatory that the panels have to be built using high quality materials. Never underestimate high quality and relatively high cost panels, as they’ll remain efficient for several years. Panels made with aluminum frame can stay steady and withstand any kind of weather.

Now that you are aware of the aforementioned mistakes committed by most solar panel buyers, stay cautious while making purchase decisions so as not to lose your money.

The author is an experienced solar panel technician working in a reputable solar energy company in Houston. She explains the mistakes committed by most buyers making the transition to solar power. Visit

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