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CIS 552 Final Exam Solution


CIS 552 Final Exam Solution

  • Question 1



Which of the following is not a virus preventative technique?


  • Question 2



What is the name of a virus that changes itself when it spreads?


  • Question 3



Which of the following is a piece of code or software that spreads from system to system by attaching itself to other files?


  • Question 4



What type of malware attempts to trick victims into purchasing software or providing their credit card numbers?


  • Question 5


Which of the following best describes what occurs when a lower-level account is cracked in order to obtain increased access?


  • Question 6



Enumeration can be used to discover all but which of the following types of information?


  • Question 7



Installing Netcat on a remote system by using an exploit is an example of what type of attack?


  • Question 8


Which of the following best describes what occurs when a user attempts a connection to a Windows system without the standard username and password being provided?


  • Question 9

0 out of 2.6667 points


What can an insecure login system provide?


  • Question 10


Which of these describes a database security problem that occurs when actions of database users are not properly tracked?


  • Question 11



Changing the content of a Web site with the intent of leaving a distinguishing mark or changing its appearance is __________.


  • Question 12



Identifying fixes and prevention methods occurs in which of these incident response stages?


  • Question 13



Which of the following properly describes an IDS system?


  • Question 14


Which of the following is best suited for environments where critical system-level assets need to be monitored?


  • Question 15



An incident response team does not respond to which of the following events?

  • Question 16



In Linux, which of the following is the account that has complete and unrestricted access?


  • Question 17


Who originally designed and created Linux?


  • Question 18



Most versions of Linux make their source code available through which of the following methods?


  • Question 19



Approximately how many distributions of Linux are available in different forms and formats?


  • Question 20



Which of the following is not a target of Trojans?


  • Question 21



Which of the following ports does Back Orifice communicate on?


  • Question 22


Which of the following terms describes a malware program that helps the attacker gain remote access to a system?


  • Question 23



Which of the following describes valid protection against malware?


  • Question 24


Which sniffer tool is designed to intercept and reveal passwords?


  • Question 25


Which of the following is defined in Title 18, Section 2511 of the U.S. Code on electronic crimes?


  • Question 26



Which of the following attacks generally involves one computer targeting another, seeking to shut it down and deny legitimate use of its services?


  • Question 27



Which of the following communication methods employs security mechanisms called trusted devices?


  • Question 28



What capability is provided by inSSIDer?


  • Question 29



Why is WPA2 superior to WPA?


  • Question 30



Factors that affect the emanations of a wireless network include all but which one of the following?

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