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PROJ 410 Contract and Procurement Entire Course


PROJ 410 Contract and Procurement Entire Course

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PROJ 410 Week1 DQ1 Procurement in Projects

PROJ 410 Week1 DQ2 Contract vs Project Management

PROJ 410 Week2 DQ1 Contract Pricing Options

PROJ 410 Week2 DQ2 Project Control

PROJ 410 Week3 DQ1 RFP Requirements

PROJ 410 Week3 DQ2 RFP Evaluations

PROJ 410 Week4 DQ1 Evaluation Criteria

PROJ 410 Week4 DQ2 Bid Duration

PROJ 410 Week5 DQ1 Human Resource Transitioning

PROJ 410 Week5 DQ2 Globalization and Procurement

PROJ 410 Week6 DQ1 Contract Dispute Resolution

PROJ 410 Week6 DQ2 Benchmarking

PROJ 410 Week7 DQ1 Renegotiation and Termination

PROJ 410 Week7 DQ2 Contract Close

PROJ 410 Week 2 Quiz

PROJ 410 Week 3 Case Study

PROJ 410 Week 4 MidTerm Exam

PROJ 410 Week 6 Case Study

PROJ 410 Week8 Final Exam


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