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POL 215 Complete Class


POL 215 Complete Class – POL215

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POL 215 Multiple Governments and Intergovernmental Relationships

POL 215 Constitution and Systems of the State

POL 215 State Research – Elements that Influence State Government

POL 215 Government Comparisons Matrix

POL 215 Local Government Issues Presentation

POL 215 Foundations of the U.S. Federal Government Worksheet

POL 215 Roles Within the State Matrix

POL 215 Week 1 Discussion 1 and 2

POL 215 Week 2 Discussion 1 and 2

POL 215 Week 4 Discussion 1 and 2

POL 215 Week 5 Discussion 1 and 2


POL 215 Wk 1 DQ 1 Description

Identify all of your state’s delegates (senators and representatives) to congress by name and party affiliation. Do you feel that the overall party affiliation of your delegates reflects the feelings of people in your state accurately? Why or why not?

POL 215 Wk 1 DQ 2 Description

Federalism can be defined as the distribution of power between a central government and constituent units—in the case of the United States, between the federal government and the state governments. Do you think the current balance of power between these entities is appropriately balanced, or imbalanced in one way or the other? Explain why you think so, and, if you think they are imbalanced, in which direction you think they are imbalanced.

POL 215 Wk 2 DQ 1 Description

Briefly describe the structure of the judicial system and court system of your state or another state of your choosing. With which, if any, of the levels of the state’s judicial system do you have experience? Are you satisfied that they are mostly just? Why do you think so? 

POL 215 Wk 2 DQ 2 Description

If there were a conflict between some state’s constitution and the U.S. Constitution, should the U.S. Constitution always take precedence? Why or why not?

POL 215 Wk 4 DQ 1 Description

National events often affect state and local governments, especially in budgeting. How have national events affected your local government? Have your local officials handled these challenges well or poorly? Why do you think so?


POL 215 Wk 4 DQ 2 Description

How has the candidacy of Michelle Bachman who I believe is from 
your state impacted Minnesota on a state and local basis if at all?

POL 215 Wk 5 DQ 1 Description

Using Hurricane Katrina as an example of intergovernmental relations, what are some advantages and disadvantages of local, state, and federal governments working together? How efficiently did the various levels of government work during Hurricane Katrina? What could have been done differently?

POL 215 Wk 5 DQ 2 Description

Select a current issue in your local community in which the local, state, and federal governments are involved. What are some benefits of this collaboration? What are some drawbacks?


POL 215 Complete Class – POL215-UOP


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