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Mariella Augello

A Chameleon Or Simply Yourself.

Mariella Augello
In the world we live today, being your sincere true self can be such a difficult thing to do. All around us we are surrounded by things that will just not let us be our true self. We are faced with influences such as peer pressure, society standards, political correctness, and social media ideas in regard to everything going on in our life. From marriage, children, weight, height, skin colour, how we live, were we live, etc, ‘Image management’ is attached to every single aspect of our lives.

It is both stressing and exhausting trying to live your life according to how other people think and prefer you live it. We move mountains so we could be liked, accepted, and loved by people and things we don’t even really care about. Dressing ‘right’, making sure the make-up is on ‘correctly’...we spend so much of our time and money creating an image the exact opposite of who we are, our real authentic self.

We all have things we like to do; a way we like to dress, foods that we enjoy eating...but we might no do them because it wouldn’t look good. It looks different from what everybody else has or does, so it isn’t right. Everybody else has this or is doing this, so that is what is right, I will do it too. This is the only life you will ever have; do you really want to spend it like that?

To be your true self around other people you will need to accept your imperfections. We all, as human beings, have our imperfections and shortcomings that we wish could be better. That is human nature.

Pretending you don’t have any shortcomings is like trying not to be human. Openly acknowledging your imperfections is a great way to make space for those around you to be themselves too, and to feel good about it.

Being your true self also means letting yourself be vulnerable and letting your true self surface. Most of the time we hide this part of ourselves for the fear of being judged which makes us feel unloved. What we don’t understand is that being ourselves around others is what makes us ‘superstars’ and not the other way round.

You let your vulnerability show and you become free of the fear of not being loved or liked. Your imperfections are what make you perfect.

We also need to know that how we respond to the different situations around us determines how the world around us responds. If someone does you wrong and you immediately react out of anger, you are letting them control you. Responding in a way that is in line with our personal values shows strength and inspires people around you to have a self belief and always be who their actual self.

So, open up to other people, share your fears and imperfections, let them see who you are other than letting them determine who you are. Be your authentic self and those around you will appreciate you, love and like you for who you truly are.

Point to think about:

Beauty is not about looks, make up or clothes. True beauty comes from being yourself. The more you show who you really are, the prettier you will be.

Live truly,live fully...


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