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The massive green impact of solar power quantified


People have long deliberated about the need for migrating to a more efficient, easily available and greener power source. Over the years solar energy has been established as a feasible proxy for electricity and fossil fuel. Nevertheless, even those who wish to make a green impact seem hesitant to take the plunge and go solar. However, even a small glimpse at the quantifiable impact you can make with renewable energy shall suffice to make you a staunch believer in the sun’s power.

So, take a look at the kind of ecological impact you make by installing one single unit of Kansas City solar in your home or office for a period of 3 decades.

1. Did you know that going solar lets you make up for over 175 tons of CO2 in a period of 3 decades? You are not only saving on your energy bills, but are also making the environment around you purer with less carbon dioxide in the air.

2. This is equivalent to conserving gas needed to travel 380,999 miles by car.

3. Using fossil fuels, not only depletes the globe’s limited stock of non-renewable energy, but it also has other side effects. When using them, your home is constantly letting out emanating greenhouse gases that are counter-productive to environmental conservation efforts. Picking a solar unit helps eliminate these harmful secretions.

4. It is also equal to sowing seeds that grow into trees that fill up over 9 large soccer stadiums.

5. The type of conservation you can look forward to in the next 3 decades with your solar unit equals saving thousands of gallons of water. A more accurate representation would be that this water, that would otherwise be used to produce power, could also fill almost 7 giant swimming pools.

6. Global warming is a pertinent ecological concern that threatens to submerge coastal regions around the world. You can alleviate the impact of this threat by embracing renewable resources.

7. Choosing to go solar lets you save the coal usage of approximately 180,000 pounds over the years.

8. Agreeing to power your home with renewable energy lets you completely recover the amount you paid for the installation and then get even more savings on the power savings the unit proffers.

9. Electric power is generated by the combustion of coal in addition to natural gas. This process brings about the greenhouse gasses that are the primary cause of a thinning ozone layer, which in turn allows the harmful UV rays of the sun to permeate into our atmosphere causing skin cancers and other ailments. Using renewable energy sources is a splendid way to avoid such unsavory effects.

Since non-renewable resources are not endless in supply; the shortage will soon ensure that there is a hike in demand that makes the cost of power increase a great deal. You can avoid this calamity by opting for Kansas City solar. It is not only in the best interests of the environment, but is also deemed quite profitable due to the massive power savings it gives your home.

The writer of this article is an expert solar panel installer in Kansas City. Here he explains about how to save solar power at home. Visit

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