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Choose the Right Solar Panel Installer to Get the Most Out of Your Great Investment


With high rocketing utility costs and the impact of fossil fuels on planet, more people are shifting towards solar energy in Kansas City. Solar energy has become the economy engine because of its high financial savings, energy independence and return on investment, combined with the added benefit of actually helping the environment. In order to make this great investment a better option and last long for more than 20 to 25 years, choosing the right solar installer is essential. Here are a few tips to select the right professional to install solar panels on your roof top.


Look for a solar expert who holds North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners certificate. Since NABCEP is a well reputable and widely recognized certification organization for North American solar professionals in the field of renewable energy, the person who carries this certificate will be reliable and trustworthy. By hiring these professionals, avoid unnecessary installation errors and future problems with your investment.


Hiring an installation expert with many years of experience in the industry is more likely to provide a professional service without cutting corners on your installation which could cause roof leaks, electrical shorts or power losses in the system.

Continuous Monitoring System

Enquire and make sure that the contractor offers monitoring for the system and this is the most important step for the purpose of transparency. Panel level monitoring is essential to confirm that your system is working and generating electrical energy as promised.

Don’t Settle for the Lowest Priced Contractor

Remember the old cliché? “You get what you pay for!” This is not far from the truth! It really applies to the solar industry. Remember, a reliable and long lasting solar panel system which delivers a great return will not come at the cheapest price. So, beware before hiring a contractor who quotes a less price.

Great Customer Service

The approachability and the way how the installer treats you during the initial consultation process serve as a good indication of how they will handle your entire project. So make a simple assessment of the installer’s knowledge and level of professionalism to choose the best contractor who guides you throughout the process.

Ask for References

The right solar installer will be able to answer your queries at no time and make you feel comfortable to work with. Get referrals from your neighbors and friends to pick the right installer for your system.


Make a deep analysis on the type of warranty the equipment carries. The average warranty offered by most of the installers is 20 to 25 years. If your system comes with less than 20 year warranty then the quality of the system to harness solar energy is lower.

The author of this article is a professional solar panel installer who has years of experience in writing articles. This article explains people how to choose the right installer to harness solar energy in Kansas City. Visit

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