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SCI 201 CAM Therapeutic Modalities Paper


SCI 201 CAM Therapeutic Modalities Paper

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CAM Therapeutic Modalities Paper
Resource: NCCAM website
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that describes an overview of CAM and its categories of
treatments. Include the following:

Compare and contrast conventional current regulations and oversights that exist in the
United States with that of nonconventional medicine.

Define the terms alternative, complementary, and integrative in relation to medicine and
clarify how these terms are different.

Describe how conventional medicine plays a role in these three terms.

Examine the philosophy of CAM and how it relates to or is different from conventional
Western medicine.

Describe how NCCAM classifies Complementary Health Approaches.

Select one CAM treatment therapy (modality) from among the complementary health
approaches and describe it.

Using one medical condition, describe how your chosen therapy can be used as an
alternative, a complementary, or an integrative therapy for that specific medical condition.

Include the results of scientific studies that show a clinical benefit from the example selected,
if available.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Use at least two references besides NCCAM and
your textbook.

Notes from the facilitator:
PLEASE NOTE: Internet searches will often take you to non-academic information resources such
as,,,, etc. You may supplement your
research with these sources, but keep in mind that the information you find there may not be
accurate, since it does not come under a formal oversight or peer-review process.

So while you may refer to any of the Wiki references (Wikipedia, WikiAnswers, etc.) and use them
as starting points for your research, you MAY NOT use these references as citations for any of
your assignments, including Discussion Questions. Your primary sources should be peer-reviewed
academic journals. Further, remember that you are responsible for the accuracy of any facts you
present in your assignments and, therefore, should confirm the veracity of information you find on
non-academic sources through further research.


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