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Saransh Kataria

Memory management in Windows 8.1 is not poor, but its the user who doesn't know that applications get suspended instead. Read more about how to completely close modern apps

Saransh Kataria
Remember the good old days when clicking an X in the top right corner of your screen was the only thing you were required to do in order to close an application? With the recent Windows and the "modern" applications, those good days are long gone. But, with Windows 8.1, things changed. Microsoft claims to make things simpler with the upgrades of Windows, but what I feel is that it doesn't really understand the users well enough. Clicking on the close button doesn't really close the application. It merely suspends it and the application is still active in the background. And even if you swipe down the application from the top to the bottom edge, on Windows 8.1, with or without the spring update, the application again is suspended and not really closed. Here's how you can completely close your applications
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