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Kunal Jain

Appropriate designs & textures with press plates for home interior

Kunal Jain Business

In today's era, people like to have the designer features within their clothing, jewelry and even in home interior, so it is important to have the resources that can help them to ensure the desired appearance of home flooring, furniture, kitchenware etc, when it comes to home interior.

Press plates are used to determine the different design; textured finishes on the surface of the object it applied on to bring the glossiness on your home interior, which reflects the overall image of the home.

Uses of Press Plates

  • Decorative laminate - Textured press plates are used to transfer the matt, gloss, stone, pearl or other custom finishes on laminates to meet the customer's requirements.
  • Wood-based panels - press plates bring the utility to snap the different finishes on wood panel with the help of printing techniques.
  • High or low-pressure laminates - press plates suits best to laminate manufacturing process and ensure the quality of finish on the surface with steady pressure and temperature applied to the products.
  • High gloss laminate - another use of press plates to ensure the high sheen finish on the floor to complement the home interior.

The demand of press plates is increasing with the passage of time as its designs, colors and textures within laminates and furniture are satisfying the tastes of even the most perceptive interior designers.

Mapple Stainless Processing deals in a range of premium quality press plates with amazing designs, colors & textures to make the significant changes to interior designing.

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