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Areesh Khan

Furniture dealer Urban Sales New Zealand reports significant rise in first quarter sales

Areesh Khan
Auckland, New Zealand 20th May 2014 – Urban Sales New Zealand, a top rated and popular furniture dealer has reported a significant rise in first quarter sales. According to first quarter financial reports released by the company’s chief financial manager, sales jumped by 30% in the first four months of 2014 in what has been a remarkable year so far for the furniture dealer. Observers and experts in the New Zealand furniture industry have noted that the increasing sales provide great evidence of the massive popularity Urban Sales has amassed over the last few years. All the same, the company has expressed confidence on its ability to maintain this trend in the coming months.
For the last few years Urban Sales New Zealand has grown to become one of the major furniture dealers in the country. The company has seen remarkable growth in sales and customers over this period and this success has largely been attributed by the broad diversity of modern furniture pieces available on its stores. With the recent first quarter sales increase, the company will be looking to cement its current place as one of the biggest furniture dealers in New Zealand by the end of the year. Many experts and analysts in the sector note that Urban Sales is set for a very bright future especially now a lot of customers have been appreciating the extent of quality furniture available from the provider.
For many people out there looking for space saving furniture ( ) the most important priority is to find a provider that offers modern and quality designs at reasonable and affordable costs. According to many experts in the furniture industry there is a broad diversity of online based future dealers today but the sad thing is not all can guarantee quality at affordable cost at all times. According to chief financial officer at Urban Sales New Zealand the recent jump in first quarter sales in 2014 has largely been inspired by the dealer’s ability to not only deliver high quality diversities of furniture but also the ability to mainstream affordability in all the products on offer. The impact this has had in attracting new customers and increasing sales has been exceptional to say the least.
The chief financial officer adds that Urban Sales New Zealand will continue to ensure its customers access the best quality furniture at affordable costs not as a means to increase sales even more but actually as part of its long term vision and mission. Moving forward, analysts expect the top rated furniture dealer to dominate the New Zealand market and based on the diversity of modern and creative products it offers, it is not hard to see why. Buying the right furniture can often be a daunting task. The availability of quality pillow pregnancy for sleeping or any other furniture pieces at costs within reach of many people is not seen everyday yet it remains the most important thing for current and future furniture shoppers.
Not to worry though, Urban Sales New Zealand seems to be setting the pace towards promoting wider access to a broad variety of furniture pieces by reducing the costs and offering remarkable deals in the process. With other providers expected to follow suit in years to come, it is evidently clear that the company will continue to be an industry leader and a benchmark setter for all to aspire to. For more details on how you can access the best and widest variety of different furniture pieces please feel free to visit Urban Sales New Zealand on its website today.

About Urban Sales New Zealand
Urban Sales New Zealand is a leading and highly popular furniture dealer in New Zealand. The company offers a wide range of furniture products designed for specific customer needs and is today one of the industry leaders in the sector. In case you are looking for affordable, durable, creative and modern furniture at affordable prices, please get in touch with the dealer today or visit for more details.
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