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Dale Dunlop

The Many Cemeteries Of Paris

Dale Dunlop
Paris has many sobriquets to its credit- it’s the city of love! And the city of lights! And err…. the city of cemeteries as well. Yes, thanks to its long and illustrious history, some of the world’s famous men lie buried here. The cemeteries are notable for their architecture and elaborate art on tombs. Unlike the Louvre or the Pompidou Center, entry to these places is free. You get to see sculptures of world class artisans for free while paying to view the work of some of the same artists at the Louvre.  Paris has around 14 cemeteries, with the three most popular ones in three corners of the city. Pere Lachaise is on the east, Montmartre is on the north, and Montparnasse is in the south. Some of the popular ones include:

• Pere Lachaise:

The Pere Lachaise Cemetery is one of the most visited graveyards in the world! Some of the best-known talents, including Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Chopin, and Haussmann lie buried here. Here’s an interesting blog about the different people buried here. But it is not just the (dead) people that make this place noteworthy.  The artwork on some of the tombs is exemplary. For example, the bronze figure on Belgian author Rodenbach, or the figure of Felix Faure draped in a cloth and lying on a death bed are noteworthy. The most popular attraction is the sphinx-like angel atop Oscar Wilde’s tomb.

• Montparnasse Cemetery:

No other cemetery has such an excellent display of art as the Montparnasse Cemetery. Some of the popular sculptures can be found atop Charles Pigeon and Rachevskiaia, and the tombs of Heloise and Abelard.  Some of the popular people buried here include Rossini, Colette, and Richard Wright.  With more than a thousand trees, Montparnasse is in effect a garden providing ample of green space to Parisians.

• Montmartre Cemetery:

The Montmartre Cemetery was opened in the early 19th century to replace the old cemeteries that had become overcrowded and unhygienic. The cemetery was built within an old lime quarry. It contains some of the best and elaborate artwork. Some of the famous people buried here include Dalida and Alexandre Dumas. Cobbled alleys, rows of trees, and the wonderful art around the tombs make this place strangely romantic.

Author Bio :
The Author is a chronicler of cemeteries. He has visited more than a dozen cemeteries from around the world, including the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.
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