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Mariella Augello

Why You Should Keep A Journal Everyday

Mariella Augello
Some of the greatest leaders and thinkers were keeping a daily journal, but why, you might ask.

A journal is a daily record of events and experiences of your personal life. The main purpose of journaling is to gain insight about our personal growth. It gives us the opportunity to connect with our goals and dreams everyday. It helps to focus and keep a positive and active mindset.

To start a journal you will just need to buy one and dedicate 15 minutes or more of your time writing it.

You can write about your feelings, your actions and responses to a specific situation or circumstance. You can write about what you have learnt, what you are excited about and so on.

Journaling improves mental clarity and your ability to communicate. When you think about something and you put it onto paper, you transfer that thought from your mind to the paper allowing your mind to release stress and worry and create space for your creativity to show up.

It is really important to record your daily progress to feel motivated and tracking your growth. Every single day we learn from reading books, from others experiences, from listening audios and if we record those things we have more chances to fix it in our mind and remember it.

In our journal we can also record gratitude. Recording gratitude will shift our mindset from being focused on problems and negativity to appreciate the good things that we already have and will allow us to be open to the ones that life shows us everyday.

Point to think about:

Keeping track of your personal progress in life opens great possibilities to your conscious mind to operate at a high level of performance. Writing your daily goals gives clarity to your actions.

There are no fixed rules on how to write a journal, only evidence and positive benefits on writing one.

Live like you mean it. Live truly, live fully…


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