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Gloriya Devin

BUS 224 Unit 3 Case assignment: Change in leadership (Google)

Gloriya Devin

BUS 224 Unit 3 Case assignment: Change in leadership (Google)

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Unit 3 Case Assignment: Change Leadership Case Instructions Using the same organization/industry that you used for the Unit 2 Case Assignment, prepare your report based on the following information:

•Using a business perspective, define and give the characteristics of organizational leadership.

•Describe the importance of strong leadership in change management.

•Using the same company or organization as you did in the Unit 2 Case assignment, analyze the leadership in this organization. ◦

Who are the leader(s)? ◦

What are their strengths? ◦

What are their weaknesses?

•Identify the organization’s vision. (If you cannot find this information through research, state what you think the vision might be.)

•Is this organization’s leadership ready to support this vision and to move the organization into the future? ◦Justify your opinions with details and specifics. Give examples of how the leadership has performed or has not performed. ◦Give specific examples of communication tactics.

•What is your role in this organization, or what potential role might you have? ◦Do you consider yourself to be one of the leaders in change management? If not, do you have the potential to be one of the leaders? •In conclusion, what recommendations do you have for developing leadership potential within this company or organization and forming a change management team? Requirements 1.Refer to the grading rubric at the end of this page. 2.Your report should be from 2-3 pages long. This does not include the cover page. 3.Use APA style to format your paper and cite your sources. You are not required to create an abstract. The APA tutorial here in our course gives excellent help with citation. The EPI Online Library has information and templates for APA citation. You should also make good use of the Writing Assistance Center (WAC). The instructors in the WAC can help you with organization, structure, grammar and citation. 4.Insert a cover page that includes the title of your project, your name, the course, and the date. 5.Your report must be in essay format. This means you must write in complete sentences and paragraphs instead of just inserting answers under headings. 6.You must use at least one outside resource for this report. 7.Name your file: BUS224_U3_Case_(Your last name) 8.Please make sure you proof your file in addition to running spell check before submitting. TIPS •A company’s website provides a wealth of information. However, do not copy and paste directly from the company website. If you take any text directly from any resource, put this text in quotation marks. •Personal interviews are also an excellent source of information. Interview people who work for this company or even someone who works for a competitor! Cite this source just as you would any other source. •If you work for the company, you cannot help but give your own personal information. However, avoid using yourself as a source for data or facts. This type of information must be supported by a source – employee pamphlet, website, handbook, interview, etc. •Incorporate your own summaries, interpretations, ideas, opinions into the company data and information you cite. Researching information and then interpreting this information is the primary purpose of any research project. I want to see evidence of research, but I want to see your own ideas and opinions and conclusions in these case reports as well.


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