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Gloriya Devin

BMGT 364 Week 4 Learning Activities

Gloriya Devin

BMGT 364 Week 4 Learning Activities

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The manager creates a detailed action plan formulated from the long term goals, vision and mission that are set by the leader. This plan is created through planning and strategizing. To understand the concept of vision and mission and its role in the process, you will do the leader’s job and formulate the vision and mission of an organization.  By creating the vision and mission you should take away the idea of their importance in creating short term plans and goals.

  1. Create an initial post by:

(a) Creating a vision and mission statement to fit the company described below:

Sam Sung owns a specialty cellphone manufacturing company, Sam’s Cellies. She designs phones to fit the specific requirements of the individual customer.  Her phones range in price from $1,500 to the most expensive one to date at $25,000.  She wishes to become the premiere name of the cellphone world.  Currently, she has a small but growing clientele and receives orders by word-of-mouth.  Anxious to get the plant more active, Sam seeks to gain customers by being known for her attention to detail, personal designs, and quick turnaround.  Her employees are expected to produce the phones with these ideas in mind and never to give in to the temptation to lower the quality of the phone.

For this part of the activity you must cite and reference at least one resource from each learning theme (minimum of two resources).

One initial post due by Thursday 11:59 p.m. EST.

  1. Respond to two classmates’ post by:

(a) Creating a project action plan for Sam Sung’s company according to the mission and vision given by your classmate and the details provided below. (Feel free to make up details to help you complete the assignment—use your imagination!)

Sam Sung wishes to develop the business to incorporate a new style of phone that has two screens, and closes like a wallet, similar to the Nintendo DS. This process must cost less than 1 million dollars and take less than 2 months to produce.  Sam has one large client who will pay 3 times her investment and is anxious to accept the project.  However, it will be a one of a kind project and Sam is not sure others will have a use for the phone in the future.  However, this phone will make a reputation for her in the cellphone community.  

For this part of the activity you must cite and reference at least one resource in each response


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