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How to Get the Most out of Your New Vape Pen



If you are looking to have the best vaping experience right out of the gates, this guide will provide the crucial steps for anyone who wants to know how to operate their brand new, out-of-the-box vaporizer pen so they can protect their new purchase and enjoy their vaping experience. 

Step 1: Plug your new vape in

Before using your vape, the very first think you need to do is plug it in to ensure it’s fully charged. Even the best vape pen batteries will need to be charged. It can be a little annoying, but in order to get the full vaping experience, this is something you’ll want to do. How long you charge it will all depend on the make and model. Check with the manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure. 

Step 2: Read the instruction manual

Most users most likely do not do this, but it’s highly recommended. Most well-designed models should be fairly practical and easy to operate, but reading the manual will help prepare you and by giving you an understanding of how it works. At the very least, you should know what your chosen vape model was actually created for, like pre-filled oil, disposable cartridges, propylene-glycol mix, flowers, or wax/shatter. 

Step 3: Do a dry run before use

Now that your vape pen is fully charged, and you’ve got the appropriate substance all ready to go, you will want to make sure that you burn off any factory flotsam that may be left inside by doing a dry-run with your vape. This will help reduce the risk of any that left over debris entering your lungs. Doing a dry-run is simple, just take your new and fully charged vape outside and crank it up as high as it will for 30-90 seconds. Voila! That should do the trick! 

Step 4: Fill your vape 

Now that you’ve done what you can to prevent any extra debris from entering your lungs, it’s time to fill it up! Every vape is different and the substance each one is best used for is also different. Whatever your chosen material and flavor is, load it up and get ready to enjoy your ionized vaping experience. 

Step 5: Smoke up

Vape pens typically heat up right away as the user inhales while some will turn on with a button. A light usually comes on to inform you that it's now turned on and ready to use. Put it your lips, inhale and then exhale. Repeat as often as necessary. 

Are you looking for an awesome vape pen? Then check out this page to see a wide selection of portable vapes, like the coil-less vape pen and kits to help get you started. 

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