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A Guide To Choosing The Best Color Of Gutters


At the time of replacing your gutters and renovating your home exteriors, there are two factors that you shouldn’t ignore. These are functionality and aesthetics. You should always choose the right gutter color and location not only to beautify your house but also to enhance its curb appeal. Whether you are looking for a new gutter installation or revamping an existing one, choose the color that suits your preferences and matches with the exteriors. It is a functional installation to keep your home safe from rainwater and other elements. But, there’s no harm in increasing its visual appeal with a beautiful color. Here are some tips to help you in selecting the right color for gutter replacement in Perth:

- Matching The Color With Material:

While choosing any color for your gutter system, its material can be a major determinant. Materials like vinyl are available in many base colors that may go well with your home exteriors. If they don’t, you can get it painted with an acrylic latex paint. Aluminum and zinc gutters can be painted in any color you envision but they hardly give you the same looks as imagined by you.

- Matching Color With Trim:

You can think of matching the color of gutters to that of your home exterior walls. But since there is a stark difference in the materials of these two, you may not get the exact color in gutters. It is advisable to match its color with the trim, i.e. doors and window sills. It is easier to change the color of trim to match with the gutters, instead of trying to match it with the color of walls. Mostly, dark colors are perfectly suitable to increase the aesthetics of gutter installation in Perth.

- Matching With The Color Of Roof:

In case you have no intention to change the exterior settings, it is better to match the color of gutter with that of the roof. It is especially applicable if you live in a heritage home where a wrong gutter can entirely ruin the beauty of its exteriors. You can match its color with the roof to enhance curb appeal without disturbing the original architectural features of your home.

- Match It With The Neighborhoods:

If you live in a gated community, there may be some regulations regarding the color selection of your home exteriors. Keep this in mind while getting it painted during re-guttering in Perth. However, such restrictions are not applicable in beachfront houses and cottage communities.

You can certainly rev up the look of your house and add a feature of functionality by choosing the rain gutters in an appropriate color.

Read this article to get an idea on how to choose the right colours for your gutters. This article is by an experienced gutter replacement expert in Perth. For more details, visit

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