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John Walker

Medical treatments for Male Erectile Dysfunction

John Walker

ED or erectile dysfunction is a major problem among men which is triggered by emotional and medical problems. This condition is well known as impotence which experienced by men in age due to restricted supply of blood, hormonal imbalance, clogged arteries and neurological disorders. These are the common medical causes that associated with the erection difficulties. In addition, mental stress, anxiety, sedentary lifestyle and depression conditions are also triggered temporary erectile dysfunction. Emotional problems are also causes erectile dysfunction but it is easy to reverse this problem by professional counseling.

Unfortunately, this dysfunction is mostly linked with the health problems that restricted blood supply like narrow arteries, diabetes (nerve damage), high blood pressure and overweight. The identification of root causes helps your physician to reverse erectile dysfunction easily with various medical options. It is possible to treat erectile brokenness in any age but it all depends upon your health condition and underlying causes. It is a most embarrassing condition and unfortunately most of men feel hesitation to discuss with their physician. The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is possible with the help of medical but need to approach a professional physician. As per medical statement, “impotence is a condition in which men are unable to switch themselves in to sexual intercourse due to the lack of erection.”


Medical Treatments

There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction medically and I am going to explain that.

Oral Medications

It is one of the safest way to treat erectile brokenness among men. Normally oral medications are prescribed by the physician that increases the blood flow in to reproductive region. Increased blood supply improves the erection among men and treats erectile dysfunction. Generic Viagra pills are worldwide popular that holds sildenafil citrate ingredient to reverse impotency. Sildenafil citrate is a popular PDE5 inhibitor that medically tested in the laboratory and approved by the FDA. Vardenafil and Tadalafil are also well known PDE5 inhibitors that clinically tested and approved by the FDA for the impotence treatment.

Penile implants

It is difficult and painful way to diagnose erectile dysfunction, but it offer permanent solution.

Vacuums pump

Vacuums pump works very well for many men but still has many disadvantages.


It is possible to diagnose erectile dysfunction through surgery. But it is also a painful treatment in which blood flow improves and offered desired erection.

Hormonal and testosterone Therapy

Hormonal imbalance is also triggered the erectile dysfunction in any age and testosterone replacement therapy may help you to sustain erection.

Note: - Millions of men around the world are preferred medications to treat impotence.  But you need to discuss everything about your health problems with your physician for the better treatment.

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