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Lawrence Bishop

Aspects that make a Business Sign Effective

Lawrence Bishop

A business sign doesn’t have to shine in neon lights to get noticed. This is due to the fact that there are several other factors that come into play to make a business sign effective. Be it indoor or outdoor signs, how well a business sign yields required results for a business depends on the message, color, graphics and other elements hitting the sweet spot.

1. Visibility:

A sign goes useless if it hardly gets any attention. Some of the factors that play a role in visibility include the height and size of the sign, placement of the sign in a specific location, the choice of colors, quality of graphics used, font size of text, lighting and more.

2. Informative:

A sign that proves to be more beneficial and useful to the audience will make it more effective. How does it become useful? That’s by incorporating the phone number, email, physical address and other contact details of the business into the business sign. Business signs are usually meant to spread awareness of ongoing promotions and discount sales being run by the company at present.

3. Eye Catchy:

Information displayed and designs included always go hand in hand. The first thing people would notice is your business sign and subsequently, the information displayed on it. This means that for a sign to be noticed, it should include eye-popping design and other graphical elements to make it remarkable. The design you choose must go in line with the nature of the business you’re running.

4. Proximity:

How close a signage is to the area of business also estimates its overall effectiveness. A sign that’s too far away from a business probably makes the customer forget about it, except when there are numerous signs placed on the way. This factor is especially important for warning signs, as they have to be placed in close proximity to restricted or dangerous areas.

5. Concise:

As a business sign has only a limited space and can be read by a person in less than a minute, the messages displayed will have to be legible, precise and to the point for the viewer to read it. Too much text crowded or integration of too many design elements can make them less effective.

Simplicity is the core element for a business sign to be useful and effective for any business. It is vital for any business to create an identity for the brand, bringing in uniqueness and intrigue in the minds of the customer.

The author is working in a signage company who has offered business signs for several companies. He has also posted several articles and blogs on business signage in various online publications. Visit

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