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Sound Advice for Hearing Loss Treatment in India

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NEVER TAKE YOUR HEARING FOR GRANTED. The sense of Hearing is as important as all the other senses in humans. Modern life has added a host of ear-damaging elements to the list of modern day lifestyle illnesses. Noise pollution with plenty of sources of loud, continuous noise is one of the major causes for hearing impairment. Blaring car horns, loud music on streets and from vehicles are major contributors to noise pollution at the street level. Another cause of hearing loss could be the side effects of some medications which are very important in the treatment of certain diseases but have a negative effect on the hearing. But the good news is that Hearing loss treatment in India is at par with the rest of the medically advanced world.

Hearing loss is detected when a person cannot hear

(a) Conversations clearly

(b) The ringing of the doorbell or phones,

(c) Increases the volume of the TV or

(d) Cups the ear to hear conversations.

Hearing loss can be triggered by many different causes, some of which can be successfully treated with medicine or surgery, depending on the type of the ailment. Although a hearing loss is a loss there are different kinds of hearing loss, different reasons and corresponding solutions for it.

Conductive hearing loss is due to problems like malformation within the ear canal, the ear drum, or in the middle ear and its little bones (the malleus, incus and stapes) or the middle ear. Another cause can be fluid accumulation in the middle ear  resulting from colds. Ear infections, allergies, poor Eustachian tube functioning, perforated eardrum, benign tumours, impacted earwax, a foreign body in the ear or, Otosclerosisa hereditary disorder causing progressive deafness

Problems of the inner ear are the cause of Sensorineural hearing loss, also known as nerve-related hearing loss. The causes for this can be very varied, like exposure to loud noises, head trauma caused by injuries or other reasons, Viral or other diseases including Meniere’s Disease which causes Vertigo and Tinnitus which in turn lead to hearing loss, autoimmune diseases, genetically inherited hearing problems, malformations/growths of the inner ear and age related hearing loss (medically known as presbycusis)

Mixed hearing loss –refers to a combination of conductive (outer and middle ear problems) and sensorineural (inner ear problems) hearing loss. This means that there may be combined damage in the outer or middle ear and in the inner ear or auditory nerve.

Indian hearing specialists are now at par with the world and capable of treating almost every kind of hearing problems. Gone are the days when one had to travel overseas for treatment or fitting of hearing aids. Now there is no need to import the advanced, state of the art or bespoke hearing aids. The best of treatment is available within your hometown

Hearing loss treatment in India is at par with the world. The hearing solutions and aids centers offer the most modern and updated tests and solutions for most hearing losses with the ability to customize solutions as per patient needs. In fact a lot of aids are even available online

 Hearing Solutions is coming up with the best solutions offered through the cochlear Implant systems, which provide the best hearing capacity to hear normal along with rehabilitation process for the same.

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