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Susan George

Know The Risk Factors For Acute Middle Ear Infection Or Inflammation

Susan George Marketing Executive

The ear is an extremely sensitive and delicate sense organ of our body. It can easily get affected with infections due to fungi, bacteria or viruses. The infection in the ear usually occurs in the middle ear and is referred as acute otitis media in medical language. The middle ear is most sophisticated part of the ear and is highly prone to infection as compared to the other two parts. Moreover, the occurrence of middle ear infection is most common in young children as compared to adults.

The infection of the middle ear can be very painful and your child may continuously cry because of inflammation. It is necessary to understand the situation and be aware of it so that you can prevent your kids from infection. If your child does not stop crying look for Pediatric Urgent Care Near Me. As it does not require very complicated treatment, but still we need to be aware of it. Pediatrics Urgent Care Warren has treated many such cases and offers excellent advice and services.

Risk factors for ear infections include:

  • Age. Age is one of the crucial factors when it comes to age. There are many latest works suggesting that there is a higher risk of ear infection in kids between 6 months and 2 years. Actually, the eustachian tube which is responsible for balancing the air pressure between ear and nose is not properly developed in children make them more prone to ear infection. Also, the immune system is weaker when we are in this age group. You must refer to Pediatrics Urgent Care Warren to seek help.
  • Group child care. Usually, a lot of working parents leave their children in some child care centers where there are many more children. It is found that children in group child care are easy prey to ear infection as compared to those who care at home as they are more exposed to the infections like cough and cold.
  • Infant feeding. Babies who feed on the mother’s milk directly from the breast are at lesser risk of ear infection as compared to those who feed on bottles. Especially those children who lie down with bottles of milk in their mouth are even more susceptible.
  • Seasonal factors. Seasons can also have their effect as there are certain children who are more allergic to pollens. Thus, during the fall and winter, they are a higher risk of ear infection as they are easy prey of cold and flu.
  • Poor air quality. The air in the surrounding can also cause ear infection if it is not healthy or polluted with tobacco smoke and other air pollutants. Children raised in such atmosphere are at higher risk of ear infection.  

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