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How to Obtain a White Card Training Certificate?


It is a fact that most of the work-related accidents take place in the construction field. As a matter of fact, the construction field has one of the highest rates of incidents. This is why the government has imposed measures to ensure work safety in this industry. One of the policies imposed by the government is the white card Perth training. All kind of employers in the industry needs to have this card. There are many things to learn at an induction course for such a card. You can get trained for protection in plumbing and electrical work, for painting and installation of carpets and so on. You could even get trained in supervisory and management.

What Does the Law Say?

There are serious consequences if you are caught working in constructions and you don’t have a white card. You could get fined AUD $11,000. Not to mention you would be given 100 penalty points and have your work history tainted. Having a bad record can influence your future work. Getting a white card in Perth is a simple and straightforward process.

How to Get a White Card?

To get a white card, you will need to first find a training provider. Make sure the facilities of this training provider are somewhere near your home or workplace in order to save some money, time, and efforts. It is possible to also decide on some online courses if you think it will be more practical.

After you have identified a few training providers in your proximity, choose the right one for you.

How to determine the right trainer for you? Well, he should have the most suitable schedule, the best set-up, and cost. Check their accreditation and look for testimonials from other students. If you can’t pay the training fee, look for training providers that practice the “study now, pay later”.

Above all, finish the course. The course should take you less than a day. As a matter of fact, the normal classroom for the white card lasts only for six hours. Online classes last somewhere around two to four hours. After you have completed it, you will get a Statement of Attainment. Your card will be mailed to you after 30 days.

Where to Complete My Training?

You can complete your white card training in Perth. Just choose the right training provider and everything should be fine.

The writer is an expert white card trainer who has helped many construction site workers on how to assess the risk and take safety measures. Find out more about the affordable services he offers right here.

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