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Mariella Augello

Doing Work You Love

Mariella Augello
Did you know that the percentage of the people that love their job is only 20%?

This is tragic! What about the other 80%?

It is extremely sad to see how many people are dissatisfied with their jobs, considering is what they have to do every day for 40+ hours per week.

I personally found myself in that position and, thank God, I found the courage to react. You might say to me that not everyone has the luxury to quit their job, and yes you are right. Sure enough, it was really difficult to make the decision but for me spending my days doing something just to get by and I didn’t enjoy, was more than I could bear.

I think when we feel dissatisfaction in what we are doing we should really think about this feeling and not ignore it. You might not want to leave your job right away but you must start planning on what to do next. We have only one shot in life and we can’t take the risk to get to the end of our days full of regrets. If you know you don’t want to do what you have been doing so far, you are already on the right path.

There is a saying: When you are ready, your opportunity will come up, don’t worry about the How at this stage.

I was not so surprised when I read that the majority of heart attacks happen on Monday morning before 9 o’clock. This gives us a taste of how important it is to do work you love and listen to your physiology as well.

When you do work you love you can’t stop thinking about it, you breath it, you forget to eat, you even dream about it. It looks like you are playing a game you love and can’t stop.

The feeling is superb.

And most important you feel alive; you feel you are adding value to others and because your passion is real your inner talent is manifesting.

My point today is:

Feel inspired by what you are doing and inspire others with your enthusiasm and passion from what you do.

Become really good at what is natural for you to do, who said that our job needs to be boring and difficult. We need to live our life like we mean it and doing work we love is an important piece in the puzzle of your life.

Live like you mean it! Live truly, live fully…


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