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How Staining is beneficial for Concrete Floors


A floor surface is complete only when a finishing treatment is applied to it. Applying finishes can extend the longevity of floors and staining is no exception. Apart from imparting added strength to the floors, there are several advantages put forth by concrete staining. They are listed as under:

1. Resistance to Fire:

One of the biggest benefits of concrete staining in industrial and commercial establishments is that the floor becomes resistant to fire. As industries and factories utilize several flammable materials including oil and gas, spreading of fire, in the event of an accident, could be majorly prevented by concrete staining. Hence, concrete staining has become one of the widely accepted ways to stay protected against fire outbreaks.

2. Energy Efficient:

One of the best ways to make floors energy efficient is to increase the levels of heat insulation, and the same could be easily achieved with the help of staining. Concrete has the ability to absorb as well as release heat or coldness, thus making it energy efficient in various environments.

3. Durability:

Concrete has a compressive strength of more than 4500 pounds per square inch, thus making it very robust than anything else. The surface of concrete floor is also subjected to machinery and foot traffic, which means they are susceptible to damage and dangers. Acid staining of concrete floors is done to secure floors against wear and tear.

4. Less Maintenance:

Stained concrete floors not just remain secured against damages, but they are very easy to clean and maintain as well. Application of staining treatment ensures that the floors remain resistant to scratches and a single sweep is more than enough to remove dirt and debris. While carpets can easily fade over time, stained concrete floors remain just as new for several years. If required, a simple polishing can bring it back to its glory.

5. Aesthetics:

Concrete floors are much ideal in complimenting interior décor. Stained concrete floors can be easily decorated or modified than any other surfaces, thus offering the flexibility to alter and make them match with the interior design. Additionally, stained concrete floors can easily bring in premium looks just as other types of flooring materials including granite and sandstone in a relatively cost effective manner.

Considering the benefits mentioned above, concrete staining is one of the best ways to add style and safety to floors at lesser costs and with lesser maintenance.

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