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Soni Sharad

Hey Startups. What is your idea WORTH?

Soni Sharad
What is your idea worth?

Nobody whose head is screwed on straight will buy a business idea from you, or anyone else, because any value related to a business idea is in its implementation. Maybe if you give someone a business ideas, they will one day send you a coupon for a free product, but that is about it. The further something gets away from an idea, the more value that exists. Things like customers, profits, and competitive barriers to entry create value.

The reality of the lack of value in business ideas is a shock and a disappointment to many people who want to get compensated for thinking of “the next big thing.” If I haven’t persuaded you yet, then the best way that I can illustrate to you why, in the grand scheme of business, the idea has such little value is through the chart with this post. I have taken some, but certainly not all, of the facets required to run a business and broken them down. A few of the tasks are specific to certain types of businesses, but most are required by all businesses.

What this chart is meant to demonstrate is that there are so many tasks required in running a business; thinking of the initial idea is just one of many (this list isn’t even all-inclusive, but I figured you would get the point after thirty-something examples of business tasks). Sure, the idea kicks off setting the business in motion, but coming up with an idea is a one-time thing that isn’t particularly difficult, doesn’t require much risk, and doesn’t take a lot of work. Even if you were lying in bed fine-tuning the idea every night before you went to sleep for six months, this pales in comparison to the amount of work required to get the business started and make it successful. The other facets of starting and running the business, of which there are many, are quite difficult to do. They require a lot of risk to do, and to do well. They aren’t done once but have to be attended to on a pretty much daily basis. They take a lot of hard work.

So, in looking at this whole thing we call a business, would you place a lot of value on a one-time idea that took no risk to produce, or on the other thirty-plus tasks that have to be done indefinitely, day in and day out, that take a ton of risk and hard work? Hopefully, that answer is crystal clear, and my breakdown gives you more insight on why business concept ideas have no value so that you, like me, can also make peace with not getting compensated for them.

Now, are you still going to do it your way, or you have seen the point that you need a Business Mentor? Someone who can help you create a business out of your idea. Someone who can draw the roadmap for you, equip you with the tools and stand behind you when the business seems too tough to execute.

Hope the path is clear to you.


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